TitleSpecial Message from Mr. Risto Elomaa, President of ISA2018-08-27 12:02:41

 [A Special Message from Mr. Elomaa in Finland]                                                      


                                                       Mr. Elomaa, President of ISA (Finland)


To the members of EASIU  and other sauna lovers


I am sorry to tell that I cannot attend the meeting this time as the representative of  the International Sauna Association ISA  because of some other events at the same time.

Anyway Mr. Kenseki Kim who is also Board Member of  ISA is participating the meeting and is available to discuss about the international sauna matters etc.

We at ISA are glad to see that EASIU is actively operating and at the same time growing. This is good for the message EASIU would like to distribute in East-Asia.

International Sauna Association has  opened a representative office in Guangzhou , China  some years ago and we believe that via this office we get wide covering in China which is becoming soon a very big sauna country in the world.

Please keep in mind e.g. the Olympiccs in 2020!

If EASIU is deciding to have an office in Beijing as discussed we are naturally happy to accommodate ourselves also there.

Together with Japan and South -Korea  China is showing a strong development in the field of WELLNESS which is important for today’s people all over the world.

We are e.g. having global Wolrd Wellness Day on 21st and 22nd of September and today over 40 countries are joining.

There are several new research results concerning the health aspects of sauna and I do believe that these aspects are going to create new opportunities and new business for the members.

The XVII International Sauna Congress in Sweden in June 2018 was showing a lot of these resulst and now all that material

is going to be distributed to the members of ISA but also freely ro any one on the web page

We at International Sauna Association hope naturally that the countries in EASIU who are not yet members of ISA are becoming also members and  are so also getting all the interesting and often also important information concerning sauna and related matters and results from other parts of the world.

We have today 18 countries represented in ISA and there are two more countries waiting the next meeting to get the approval.

Japan Sauna Society JSSA is one of the founding members and has been active since the founding. I am sure that they can tell You why it is important to be a member.

The websites  ( see above) of the ISA could be usefull  for many of You.

Besides that naturally the office of International Sauna Association in Helsinki Finland is ready to give You answers and comments.

The e-mail there is sauna(at)

Last but not least we have a SMOKE SAUNA facility in Helsinki which is available for real good sauna experiences for the members. There we have four smoke saunas and two normal wood fired saunas open 6 days a week and having some 40.000 visitors/year. That place is only for members of the Finnish Sauna Society but as a Member in the International Sauna Society You can get an invitation to visit and pay only the members low fee.

As You propably know UNESCO was approving smoke sauna and especially the Estonian smoke sauna to the list of Intangible World Heritage of Humanity in the end of 2014. We think that in actual case it was given generally to SAUNA and SAUNA CULTURE all over the world.

Wishing You a very good meeting and excellent decisions for the future. I am sure that we are going to present again in the next meeting where ever You decide to have it.


Risto Elomaa


International Sauna Association


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