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2018 East Asian Sap Industry Union Summit To Kick Off in September 7-8

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Spa wellness professionals in East Asian region get together in Jeju, Korea, on September 7-8, celebrating the 13th anniversary of the East Asian Spa Industry Union(EASIU) which was established in 2005.

Delegations from four member countries including China, Japan, Mongolia, and Korea are to convene in Jeju, a special self-governing province in Korea, to discuss industry issues encompassing the region while celebrating their 13th birth year.

According to the Korean Spa Wellness Society(, the organizer of the 2018 EASIU Summit, more than 100 participants from the region are expected to join the event.

The two-day event will be held at Jeju Oriental Hotel located in downtown Jeju city, and comprise a convention, product showcase and networking opportunities.

There will be a special lecture session to cover some issues like future directions of spa wellness business in the region. High-profile speakers are lined up for the event. Dr. Seo In-soo of Jeju Techno Park will present on the Market Demand for Anti-aging Services in Korea. Dr. Lee Hyun-joo of the Wellness Life Institute, one of the leading natural cosmetics manufacturers based in Jeju, is to give a lecture on the prospects of the science of skin detoxification and its potential uses in cosmetics and wellness products.

The event is supported by local organizations including the Jeju University-Industry Convergence Center( and the Jeju Convention & Visitors Bureau(

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▲ Photo of Okinawa Meeting in 2015



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